Water & Fuels 


Water and various Fuels you'll need.


  • Barter or Trade
  • Currency
  • Hygiene
  • Hunting, Fishing, Trapping
  • Caring For Children & Elders
  • Community Resources
  • Emergency Communications
  • Government & Law Enforcement
  • Special Items
  • Get Started TODAY!!!

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 Meds & Supplies 


Supply packages make excellent gifts for friends and family!

Remember the "Duct Tape!"

Improvise, Adapt & Overcome...

Get Home or Bug-Out


Bug out bags and essential emergency supplies to ensure your greatest chance of survival.


Be Prepared for those times when the defecation hits the oscillator. - Nurse Prepper

Improvise, Adapt & Overcome...

Semper Fidelis!

  • Improvise: to make or fabricate out of what is conveniently on hand
  • Adapt: to change your behavior so that it is easier to live in a particular place or situation
  • Overcome: to defeat (someone or something), or to successfully deal with or gain control of (something difficult),

    - to affect (someone) very strongly or severely.

Protect & Defend


"We Live to Die Another Day"

Have a "PLAN B"

Evacuation, Escape Routes.